The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 is not a 12GB RTX 4080 Rehash

Lately, there have been rumors regarding strange movements that could have been related to the RTX 4080 12GB and the RTX 4070. Well, now things are starting to clear up after a report by Moore’s Law is Dead that analyzes the reasons for these moves by NVIDIA. As you know, a few weeks ago we launched our review of the RTX 4090.

The RTX 4070 will have a 100% different PCB and layout than the 12GB RTX 4080

RTX 4070

Not only has NVIDIA reportedly canceled the GeForce RTX 4080 12GB over the past week, following the release of its brand new GeForce RTX 4090, but it has also paused the SKU until it is needed in the product stack.

That move is likely because Graphzilla was aiming to sell it for $900 , and will find it hard to justify a 4070-class SKU at this price point. A report from Moore’s Law is Dead looks at possible reasons why NVIDIA has shelved the 12GB RTX 4080, and why it won’t be rebranded the RTX 4070.

The RTX 4070, while expected to be based on the same AD104 chip as the 12GB RTX 4080, will not have the same configuration . The 12 GB RTX 4080 uses the AD104 black leg, i.e. enabling all 7,680 CUDA cores.

The RTX 4070 is likely to have fewer CUDA cores , while retaining the 192-bit memory interface and 12GB memory size. The memory clock rate may also change. The 12GB RTX 4080 was essentially an attempt by NVIDIA to sell the successor to the RTX 3070 Ti as an xx80-class SKU, at a higher price point.

Moore’s Law is Dead also showcased possible designs for the RTX 4070 Founders Edition , revealing a compact design with many of the features seen in the design implemented for the RTX 4090 FE. Also, regarding the cooling system, the RTX 4070 comes with two fans and will occupy a space of two slots and not three, as in the case of its older brother.

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