What Do We Know About GTA 6: Will It Revolutionize A Genre?

There is great anticipation for the release of GTA 6, the new chapter of the historic saga signed by Rockstar Games. In recent months, there have been rumors about the game, on the contrary, they have done nothing but increase the hype among fans and beyond.

In this article, therefore, we will indicate everything that is known about this game, from the release to the trailer to the leaks. In short, it will be a kind of the point of the situation pending further official confirmation from Rockstar Games.


The release date, unfortunately, has not yet been revealed. However, several rumors have suggested that GTA 6 could release in 2025. Obviously, these are not official confirmations, even if this date has emerged in the context of more general advances. In any case, it will certainly be necessary to wait quite a while before getting our hands on the new chapter of the famous video game saga.

It also appears that he is directly responsible for the “delay” of GTA VI is none other than GTA 5! The current chapter of the saga has sold more than 165 million copies, an absurd amount that places it in the Olympus of most popular and best-selling games ever. And the great thing is that she is continuing to sell, all the more reason to take it easy for the next chapter.

Also, it seems that the development may have been influenced by how much success with Cyberpunk 2077 had. Yes, Cyberpunk is from another software house, but its disastrous launch has been taken as an example by many video game realities. Consequently, Rockstar also wants to avoid such a scenario, and when GTA 6 comes out it will be ready and as stable and complete as possible.

How will it be

Grand Theft Auto VI will surely benefit from some innovations compared to the previous chapters. For example, players will have the possibility to visit the interiors of premises and condominiums which will present a different and greater variety compared to the past.

Another novelty – and one of the most important – will be represented by the presence of a “live service facility” (i.e. a game that is always evolving, always updated), a feature that will avoid even longer publication times and which above all will guarantee the certainty of always providing users with unpublished content.

Moving on to history, the novelty is that there will be two protagonists, including Lucy, a Latin woman. It will be about two bank robbers, probably engaged. Further news in this regard has not yet been provided. As for the decision to launch a female character, it was certainly prompted by the internal change experienced by the Rockstar Games studios, which has recently launched a renewal process based on inclusiveness.

GTA 6 could allow users to move between various continents and complete missions.
GTA 6 could allow users to move between various continents and complete missions.

Always in this direction, the game is known to contain fewer jokes against minorities and offensive scenes, which instead have always found space in the other chapters of the saga. Finally, according to some advances, the gameplay could be around 500 hours long and this is because GTA 6 could allow users to move between various continents and complete missions, therefore, between Europe, London, San Andreas, Liberty City, and Vice City.

In short, this sixth chapter could certainly represent quite an important revolution compared to what we have seen so far.


The new male protagonist would have a name Jason
The new male protagonist would have a name Jason

As leaked in the videos released online, one of the new protagonists of the game could be a woman, the first for the series in the 3D era. The female character, as previously written, would be called Lucy while the new male protagonist would have a name Jason.

In this regard, a widespread clip of the game showed the couple while they were intent on robbing a diner and it was seen that the user-controlled one of the two protagonists while the other was managed by the AI. Moreover, it would seem that the character switching system already experienced in GTA 5 is returning.

In this regard, however, there would have been an important update: in fact, in another video, it was seen that character swapping was almost instantaneous, unlike what happened in the previous chapter of the saga.


A scene in which a woman, named Lucia, is robbing a fast food restaurant
A scene in which a woman, named Lucia, is robbing a fast food restaurant

Despite the absolute confidentiality, about the game has been leaked 90 videos. The videos, released online, especially on the “Streamable” platform, depict various scenes from the game that is still in development, including a scene in which a woman, named Lucia, is robbing a fast food restaurant. The graphics are not finished. There are still some undefined elements.

In another video, however, Lucia herself can be seen being the protagonist of a shootout against the police. In another video, then, it is possible to notice references to the Vice City Metro train. Furthermore, from the same clips, it is understood that the game was running on RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3080 video cards, a sign that they are no more than two years old. Rockstar, of course, had the videos taken down right away.

As for the authenticity of the videos, it seems that there are no big doubts. Indeed, Rockstar Games itself was forced to confirm its veracity with a message to the community.

However, it is certainly a version of the game that is by no means definitive, while on the date of the videos it is assumed that they are part of a very old build of the sixth chapter of GTA, a sign that the final version could be completely different.

Finally, the culprit of the diffusion of the videos may have been identified as a 16-year-old hacker who has previously been arrested for similar actions. The code name of the alleged perpetrator of this action would be “White” and would have advertised the theft of the source of GTA 6 on Telegram. In the past, the same hacker would have also violated the servers of Microsoft and Uber.

Where will it be set?

Where will it be set
Where will it be set

But where will GTA 6 be set? This a good question, which is not easy to answer at all. In this sense, among the presumed certainties it seems that the game will be set in Vice City (Miami) and the surrounding areas thanks to a much larger map.

Many Miami landmarks are well represented in the game, such as an airport, a tram, a tennis court, and a soccer field. Furthermore, from the leaked videos, we can also glimpse a hotel called Kington Hotel and the apartment of the protagonist couple.

Going even more specifically, this is the list of GTA 6 map locations that were spotted in the leaked footage:

  • Ekanfinaka
  • Hamlet
  • Lake Leonidas
  • Little Haiti
  • Malibu Club
  • Leonidas Monument
  • Northern Beaches
  • Ocean beach
  • Gellhorn port
  • Red Hill Forest
  • Rockridge
  • South Beach
  • Vice Beach
  • Washington Beach
  • Yorktown

The biggest news, as previously written, is represented by the fact that the game, after its release, will receive updates containing, for example, new locations. All this means that at launch we could see a not-too-large map which, however, will gradually expand more and more.

This revolution has primarily favored two aspects: the first concerns the possibility of managing unpublished content with greater care and time; the second is that it stimulated a decrease in stress in the employees.

Finally, but this is also an indiscretion to be confirmed, it would seem that Rockstar intends to bring users another good news, namely the launch within the game of a city in South America precisely inspired by Rio de Janeiro. In short, between dreams and reality, the new chapter of GTA will certainly surprise users not a little.


GTA 6 Map
GTA 6 Map

The GTA 6 map is yet to show, however, thanks to the advances circulated in recent months, it is possible to acquire some information. The first is that the game would take place beyond the borders of Vice City. Some images of the game under development show new areas compared to the previous chapters.

By the way, it would seem that the new map will extend to the south i.e. in the direction of the Everglades and the Florida Keys.

Therefore, it is probably conceivable that the GTA 6 map could contain various types of environments.

In light of these rumors, therefore, the anticipation for the release of the new chapter of GTA 6 is always higher among fans of the saga and more generally among lovers of games of the genre.


An official trailer for GTA 6 has not yet been released. Beyond this fact, however, video footage has leaked in recent months that allegedly showed the game in a development phase. Thanks to this clip, therefore, it was possible to observe some details such as the introduction of several “stealth” mechanics and new elements, such as boosting health with painkillers.

Finally, again from this video, the reintroduction of the five-star “Wanted” system was noted as various improvements to artificial intelligence.

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