YouTube Brings Pinch-to-Zoom to iOS and Android App

The latest update of Youtube (how YouTube Clip works) brings an interesting function, as well as a series of small but interesting design changes.

Long time Google is working on pinch-to-zoom in its popular mobile video app, and after introducing this august For users Premium, today it is finally available to everyone. But this is just one of the new features of the latest update: let’s discover them all!

Pinch to zoom

Pinch-to-zoom, as the term suggests, trivially allows you to zoom in on a video while viewing it on an Android or iOS smartphone/tablet (don’t miss our iPad 10 review!) by “pinching” it (but moving your fingers away instead of toward each other) between forefinger and thumb. When you release your fingers, the video will remain magnified.

New Thumbnails

Another very useful function refers to the miniatures, which will help you get to the right part of a video more easily. In desk Y mobile devicesyou may drag the cursor towards the top either scroll up while moving through a video to see one row of thumbnailswhich will allow you to get to the right part of the movie.

The function vaguely resembles that of Netflix, and according to YouTube you should avoid going too far back while looking at one guide and want to review a passage.

Ambient Mode

As we anticipated, thelast update It also includes a number of novelties from the point of view graphic. One is about the new ambient mode that changes the color of bottom ofapp to match the currently playing video.

According to YouTube director of user experience Nate Koechley, this effect takes advantage of the dynamic sampling of color, with the aim of capturing the gaze of users in the videos and focusing more on the content.

Ambient mode will not be available only in video, but also in play list, and you will see it on web and mobile viewing pages when you have activated the dark theme.

YouTube Ambient Mode
YouTube Ambient Mode

New Dark Theme

even the dark theme has been updated, and after listening to user feedback, it will now be even darker so that I the colors stand out more on the screen.

The new theme will roll out to web, mobile, and Smart TV.

More Buttons And Fewer Distractions

The new update also tries bring back the video at the center of the experience, reducing distractions and enhancing the experience. YouTube links in video descriptions will now appear like buttonsand common shares such as I like it, Share Y Discharge they have been reworked to “minimize distractions”.

Also, the button to subscribe to a channel will now be a pill form rather than rectangular and not while it’s not red anymore, the high-contrast redesign will help it stand out more on watch and channel pages.

When The Update Arrives

These updates were released today and second Youtube they should be available to everyone in the next few weeks. we just tried iOS app and we still don’t have it view, but let us know if you have already received it!

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